Friday, February 14, 2014

Color Mixing and Combinations with Orange

Orange is such a fun color to use! On the color wheel, it is the mix of Red and Yellow. Depending on the tint or tone that you are looking at, orange ranges from being very bright and vibrant to a dark rust. In the Amy Howard At home line, we have a great One Step Paint color called Massey Hill and additionally have a Lacquer called Kumquat. Here is a sample color chart that I did mixing the Massey Hill and Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint colors.
One Step Paint in Massey Hill
When I am making a color chart, I usually pour out just enough paint for the palette
I like using a palette to see all the colors
For this color chart, I mixed Massey Hill and Bauhaus Buff adding 50% more for each

*When creating color combinations, it is always great to look at the 
color wheel to see what complimentary colors work well together
Bauhaus Buff, Massey Hill, and Rugo One Step colors
Bauhaus Buff, Massey Hill, and Cartouche Green
Bauhaus Buff, Massey Hill, and Credenza

One of our Retailers, Joyce Shelton used the Massey Hill and Paige Blue 
One Step colors for her display cabinet
The Amy Howard At Home Kumquat Lacquer
I love how this room feels very neutral with the tan, blue, and orange 
complimenting each other
Even pattern to mix the colors works well
How we see this color combination in nature
Great headboards
Fun flower arrangement
Great mix for wallpaper
How gorgeous is this crystal 
Love that lamp
With just a bit of the orange appearing, I love the pop that it adds to the room!


  1. love love orange accent color, it remind me Hermes .
    I shall try orange .

  2. some new color combinations for me to love!