Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Use Mica Powder

Mica Powder is used primarily in pearlescent paints by the automotive industry. Many metallic-looking pigments are composed of a substrate of mica coated with another mineral, usually titanium dioxide. The resultant pigment produces a reflective color depending on the thickness of the coating. These products are used to produce automobile paint, shimmery plastic containers, high quality inks used in advertising and security applications. In the cosmetics industry, its reflective and refractive properties make mica an important ingredient in blusheseye linereye shadowfoundation, hair and body glitter,lipsticklip glossmascara, moisturizing lotions, and nail polish. Some brands of toothpaste include powdered white mica. This acts as a mild abrasive to aid polishing of the tooth surface, and also adds a cosmetically pleasing, glittery shimmer to the paste. Mica is added to latex balloons to provide a colored shiny surface.

Mica can be used for several different processes. I love using it to mix and make a custom metallic wax, I also use it when I do eglomise antique mirror. You can also mix it with linseed oil, shellacs, oil glazes, etc. and paint with it.

How To Use Mica Powder with the Amy Howard At Home Clear Wax:
You can take a small amount of Amy Howard At Home Clear Wax and mix it with your favorite mica color. Today we are using the Mica powder in our clear wax. It is important to use 1 part Mica powders to 1 part clear wax. 

Here I'm using graphite to add a little color/age and depth to my gold leaf frames.
Mica powder using Clear Wax
Using a pallet knife you can mix the mica powders with the mica until
your wax becomes a beautiful iridescent wax
My piece is finished and I am adding the mica wax mixture as an
accent. Just here and there on my piece as an accent, with the edges, sides, etc about 25%.
After Mica Wax application
I love using it on one of the lighter One Step paint colors especially 
where they have been gilded with either silver or gold leaf. 
Here I am applying the Mica Meteor Mix to accent my gold frame
You can see what accent is added for that extra bit of age and depth.

I encourage you to experiment with micas in your waxing process, on and in your venetian plasters, and even painting with them when you don't want to gild with gold leaf.... experiment and have a happy mistake and discover a new way of using this amazing product.


  1. I purchased the Mica powder in Bright Bronze locally and I was looking for application tips but, I can not see the pictures on this blog post with any of my browsers. Is it just me or are all the pictures coming up as little triangles with exclamation points? Thanks in advance for any advice :)

    1. I apologize the images were lost when we changed Email formats. Soon, we will have another post about using the Mica Powder. Depending on what you are using it on, it works well with the wax to get your piece a shimmer finish.