Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Antique Inspiration for using One Step Paint

There are so many gorgeous antiques that you can get inspiration from in deciding how to rescue your own piece of furniture. I found a few pieces that I wanted to share with you and explain how you could get a similar finish using the One Step Paint, Clear Wax, Dark Wax, and Dust of the Ages.

Beautifully Carved Chest of Drawers
This antique is from France circa 1800 in the style of Louis XV
This piece is on sale for $5200
Now you could use the One Step Paint in Bauhaus Buff to paint over a piece with carved wood, wax the piece, and use of Dust of Ages to really age the finish 

Swedish Storage Bench
The bench dates back to the Gustavian period circa 1810
It sells for $5,700
You could restore a bench using the Robin's Egg Blue One Step Paint, and Waxes to get a similar finish
Make sure that you age the piece where it would have been used such as on the arms

Gustavian Sideboard
This two door sideboard is worn in a pale gray patina with light blue details and dates back to 1770
It is for sale for $14,740
In order to get a similar finish using the One Step, you could choose one of our lighter gray colors such as a the Chelsea Square or Luxe Gray and proceed to add accents of color with one of the blues such as Robin's Egg or Rugo depending on your desired look
I would then wax and dust it thoroughly depending on the amount of distress you want for the finished piece

Instructions and One Step Paint are available on!

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