Monday, April 7, 2014

Color Combination: Eggplant, Linen, and Graphite

So many different things inspire people. I have always found it interesting to hear and speak to people about what inspires them. For the One Step colors that I am sharing with you today, I was inspired by nature and it's neutrals when I chose Eggplant, Linen, and Graphite.
Eggplant, Linen, and Graphite

Beautiful Antique Mirror above the fireplace as well that you could make yourself 
using the Amy Howard At Home Antique Mirror Kit
You may have not thought about adding color in your bedding along with your wall color and decor
The purple tones may vary depend on if you want to mix the colors
Beautiful peonies
Even Jewelry
Eggplant chair adds that color accent

1 comment:

  1. I love this color combination and in our one house I did the living room these colors using the eggplant as my accent wall behind the fireplace and pillows.