Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Interplay of Texture and Scale

"When I'm designing a home, I give as much attention to the placement of a decorative chair as I do the hanging of an expansive painting, in every instance engaging the interplay of texture and scale...A well considered vignette can make a piece of art all the more beautiful by adding a complimentary energy and form."
-Kelly Wearstler 

Simple elegance and keen placement. Oval eye track....... always! 
Love the bright coral chairs on either side of this oversized mirror 
I placed this encaustic painting in my Living Room 
the texture of the painting adds another element to design in this vignette 
The interplay of the velvet sofa with the light carpet and painting work fabulously!


  1. I love the play of art with design choices, lovely images here.

  2. What velvet did you use on the sofa? Its beautiful!