Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Color, Texture, and Pattern

"Color, texture, and pattern, when combined with even just a few accessories, 
are every captivating room's secret weapon."
-Susanna Salk, Be Your Own Decorator

I feel this quote to be quite true! 
The combination of color, texture, and pattern are the main ingredients in making a beautiful room.
The patterned wallpaper is monotone which works well for this space.
I do love antique mirror on furniture as well and the details on the table add to the texture
This vignette is so simple yet works in terms of simplicity of color, pattern, and texture
This chest I like with its simplicity.
You could use the One Step Paint to even paint your own!
The color and pattern really stand out to me here and I love the lacquered mirror frame!
I find it true even in my living room!

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