Monday, July 7, 2014

One Step Color Inspiration

For today's color palette, I decided to use colors with contrast in order to give impact. Depending on how you actually use the colors while painting, may greatly effect your outcome. For instance, you could use a lot of the darker brown like the Windsor One Step here with a touch of the Palmer Pink so that your outcome is much darker than if you had used mostly Palmer Pink and a touch of the Rugo and Windsor.

One Step Color Palette: Windsor, Palmer Pink, and Rugo

Neutral Baby Nursery
Beautiful Texture
Subtle pink walls
Much deeper use of pink but works with the Brown and Blue bedding
Just adding color in the accessories like the pillows and flowers here
Love the dark cabinets in this kitchen with the wooden table and chairs
The brown baskets beneath the blue cabinet really blend together
A touch of pink
Striped blue curtains add texture
Fun poolside summer inspiration!

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  1. Awesome color palette! I like it very much these are neutral tones that gives that harmony and balance to the room. Perfect ;)