Friday, July 18, 2014

One Step Color Palette Inspiration

Today's color palette is made up of three bright colors! I felt it would be fun for summer to put together a palette that livens up any room! With using the colors, they really do not all have to be used with strong impact, but rather for accents. It is important not to overpower a room with too many bright/strong colors.

One Step Color Palette: Lime, Palmer Pink, and Rugo

Nature can be a huge inspiration to looking as a way to use color
I like the touch of bright pink in the pattern on the chairs
Degas painting
Gorgeous outdoor setting with beautiful greenery and a touch of blue on the doorway
Wedding bouquet
The blue chairs in this dining room really add an element to the room that would have not been present without the strong use of color
Even fashion accessories like this fabulous Prada bag
I love the subtle use of color in this room
it really is impactful!
The use of blue for the walls works with the more neutral furniture pieces
Love this floral arrangement in an vintage can
Another Degas painting that has such beautiful colors!

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