Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Painted Furniture Inspiration

I have a soft spot in my heart for antique furniture.  There is so much character in older pieces -- not just in their angles and curves -- or their handcrafted details -- but also in their history.  These pieces have character -- and a story all their own.  It is my hope to inspire and teach you how easy it is to rescue, restore and redecorate these classic pieces that you may have unearthed on craigslist or at flea market -- or rediscovered in your attic.

I want to share the following pieces and their stories.  You can create similar finishes simply using the Amy Howard at Home One Step paint -- followed by a quick application of one of my Antiquing products.

19th Century Chests of Drawers
These chests are from Sweden in Gustavian style circa 1860
They are on sale for $10,500

Antique Secretary
This 18th century Swedish Baroque Period secretary was made in the 1780s
The price is $11,500

Pine Bench
This bench is from Sweden circa 1840
It is on sale for $2,925

Antique Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock
This antique grandfather clock is defined by its curves
which hails from Mora Sweden
This elegant clock dates back to 1820
It has a gorgeous grey painted finish
It is for sale for $3,175

Notice the delicate wear around the edges and the areas where there would have been gentle wear. There is no need for a piece that you paint to look overly dirty or too worn. Think of it as a fine antique that was cherished!

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  1. Are the colors shown original or have these pieces been painted recently?

    1. These are all antiques as inspiration