Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Color Mixing: Palm Beach + Rugo

Color appears everyday in our lives. I just recently read an article about color meanings in design. To quote, "Every color creates an emotional reaction in people. These reactions will be based on culture but by far and large the reactions they create are similar. In design, we use color to help guide emotion and give people an immediate feeling the first time they interact with something. In the design world, colors are purposely selected to meet a bigger goal." The article goes on to ask about what we are trying to say with our use of colors. It is interesting to me because sometimes I feel like people choose colors out of habit, comfort, but other times, the color is chosen for a specific reason such as in a brand logo. 

For this color mixing project, I chose to use the Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint® colors. I used ½ Palm Beach with ½ Rugo to create a beautiful green. In referencing back to the article, Green has the qualities of being trustworthy, refreshing, restful, and soothing.

Color Mixing

This living room brings in a brighter sense with the lighter colors
Great use of green on the kitchen cabinets
I like the way green is used around the fire place as well as on the couch
Always nice to have a pop inside a piece
The green adds a whole new feel to this room...imagine if the chairs were simply white
Again, the use of color just for the chairs works well
The use of green only on the kitchen island
Beautiful neutral use of green on this large chest
Just a hint of green in this bathroom keeps it neutral

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