Thursday, September 4, 2014

Featured Retailer: Boxwoods

I am excited to share with you our Featured Retailer, Boxwoods, located in Helena, Montana. I love the way the store is described, "If you’re tired of seeing the same furnishings in every store and your neighbors’ homes, maybe it’s time you visited us. Because at Boxwoods we take pride in finding unique, quality pieces to bring beauty and function to your home. We enjoy sharing interior design tips because we think great design should be accessible. Our showroom is stocked with the things we love but we love a challenge. Pick our brains. Let us search for, and special order, the perfect piece for you and your home. So stop by, introduce yourself and let us find you something different."
This is the exterior of the shop
Small Chest: Before & After
Upholstered Chair: Before & After
Nesting Tables: Before & After
Painted with the Shaw Red One Step Paint®
Horn: Before & After
Gilded with the Gold Gilding Supplies®
Mirror: Before & After
Gilded with the Silver Gilding Supplies®
Table: Before & After
They are prepped for a workshop!
**To take part in this workshop contact here.
During a workshop
Teaching away!

Amy: What made you decide to start your own business? 
Julie: There were no furniture and design shops in Helena that represented great lines that offered both design and furniture.  It seemed like the right time, so we opened in 2003 and have continued to grow and offer products and services to customers and design enthusiast in our area

A: What is your company motto?
J: "Fine homes and lifestyles".  We believe in design and furniture that compliments a persons home and the way they live.

A:What do you love about having a store? 
J: I love seeing people excited about the beauty of good design and well made upholstery and case- goods.  It really does revolutionize a person's life to see what their space looks like when it has been thoughtfully designed.  Often, a certain piece or splash of color does not occur to a person as a viable option until they see it in their home.  

A: What is your favorite AHAH product? color?
J: We love it all but right now we are really loving Silver Leaf & Gold Leaf. We are so blessed to live in Montana just minutes from the Continental Divide.  Wildlife is abundant in our area so one of our favorite things to do is to guild shed antlers in gold and silver and use them in our design.  You can tuck them in just about anywhere.  A bit of Montana without being cliche.

A: What sets you apart from other stores in your area? 
J: First and foremost is our level of expertise and commitment to our clients.  We strive to make the design experience comfortable and fun.  We also offer a lineup of furniture that cannot be found in at least 100 miles.  By committing to Amy Howard at Home™ , we believe we have taken yet another step away from our competition by offering a product line that our clients can imagine, get their hands dirty and finally, have a piece that they have done themselves that is beautiful and compliments their home.   

A: I cant live without my...
J: I cannot live without my family, friends and faith.

A: What is your favorite season?
J: Without question, my favorite time of the year is Fall.  I cannot wait to start nesting, bringing in the outside with arrangements of fall color and texture.     
Its a time to spend with family, friends, good food and to reflect on the past and look forward the future.

A: What is your aesthetic in 3 words?

**Their next AHAH workshop is a BYOP (bring your own piece) scheduled for September 13th! Email for more information.

Boxwoods: Fine Home & Lifestyles
Julie Ludtke
Owner/ Principal Designer
828 Great Northern Blvd., Suite 102
Helena, MT 59601
(406) 442-0422
Boxwood's Facebook page
Store Hours:
Monday thorough Friday 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10am - 4:30pm

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