Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Color Mixing: Palmer Pink + Shaw Red

Today, I decided to color mix with a tint and shade of red. In the field of design, every color has what are called tints and shades. A tint of a basic color is a lighter version of that color, and a shade is a darker version. Tone is a general term to describe the lightness or darkness (tint or shade) of a basic color. 

I used the One Step Paint® colors¾ Palmer Pink with ¼ Shaw Red to create a coral-pink color. 

Color Mixing

Chest in a nursery
I like the use of strong mismatched and evolving patterns here
These glossy lacquered walls work well in this library
Gorgeous detail
Pops of color can be simply added to your bedroom with the addition of a throw
The use of color inside a cabinet adds a whole new dimension to a piece
Of course, flowers are my favorite!

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