Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One Step Paint Color Mix: Shaw Red + Aubergine

For this color mixing combination, I chose to use two primary colors of the One Step Paint®. Primary colors are defined as being the sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors. Here I chose to use our Shaw Red (with a root color of red) with the Aubergine (with a root color of blue) to create a beautiful purple hue.
One Step Color Mix:

I love the use of color for front doors.
Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics to use on sofas.
Possibly a color for your bedding.
The purple tones are used more of an accent color for this room.
All variations of purple are used here.
Elegant, antique chair with a beautiful purple hue.

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  1. Just curious ? What proportions did you use to come out with that color? Would love to use it on my front door!

    1. I used equal parts of Shaw Red and Aubergine.