Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art Designs on Furniture

A great addition to a piece of furniture may be an art design. It really does depend on the piece that you are finishing but many pieces look beautiful with the addition of art designs. A good place to reference is classical antiques. 
As seen in this Before and After table
the customer was inspired by an art design on the floor. 
The art design work adds to the table 
as opposed to as if it was simply left painted Dunavant Green One Step Paint.

I am often inspired by classical antiques so I wanted to share pieces that I have been inspired by.
Notice the detail on the column pedestal. 
The Greek Key detail on the floor is repeated on the column. 
The base of the column is completely gilded and then the urn and acanthus detail is painted on top of the gold leaf .
This design on this screen adds a whole new dimension to the piece
I love the gilded art detail painted onto the table legs and around the base
This beautiful classical antique truly shows how decorative pieces may be with art designs
The simple addition of the center design adds a focal point to this mantel
The large art painted design on this demilune is beautiful
The subtle use of tone on tone color works well here with the large geometric design on this bench.

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