Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Decorating with Urns

Urns are one of my favorite antique finds to decorate with around the house. As I have previous shown on this Before and After Tutorial, it is a great DIY Project to take on in restoring an Antique Urn using the One Step Paint® along with the Antiquing products.
This is the Urn from the Tutorial

In defining what an urn is, "An urn is a vase, ordinarily covered, that usually has a narrowed neck above a footed pedestalIn Classical terms, an urn is a large decorative covered container of wood, metal, pottery, etc. In furniture, it was a large wooden vase-like container which was usually set on a pedestal on either side of a side table. This was the characteristic of Adam designs and also of Hepplewhite's work. Urns were also used as decorative turnings at the cross points of stretchers in 16th and 17th century furniture designs."
I love that urns can be placed either inside or outside
Always mix old crusty urns with elegant flowers on your table. 
Remember, it's all about mixing textures again.
Beautiful entryway
Simple yet adds to the decor
I even have used them here on my bookcases
In my family room, the urn was used as a vase for this arrangement
Even outside, they may be used as a fountain
Especially great for the holidays with pumpkins and gourds
And Christmas...

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