Thursday, October 9, 2014

Color Mix to Create Dark Blue

Color trends do cross industries. I love that you can often look from fashion to interior design to get inspiration and ideas about what will be going on with trending colors. Often, the staple neutrals are present but there are always seasons where certain colors make their way in being more popular. 
As talked about earlier this year after the runway shows in fashion for what would be coming out for Fall, Dark Blue was a huge hit. "Forget about "Fifty Shades of Grey" and make room for some blue in your closet...
We've already talked about how autumnal tones and pastels are slated to be big for fall, but blue (dark, light and everything in between) also had a strong presence on the runways this season. From cerulean, cyan and cobalt to navy, sapphire and periwinkle, countless shades of blue are going to be seen on dresses, tops, skirts and more this fall."
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For this particular color mixing project to create Dark Blue, I used 3/8 Black, ½ American Dream and 1/8 Graphite.

One Step Color Mix: Black + American Dream + Graphite
This touch of blue works well as an accent color
In the gallery of this Houston estate, 
1920s lanterns from Carlos de la Puente Antiques hover 
above a 19th-century Italian table.
Gorgeous as a well color
Beautiful various tones of blue here.
I love the navy lacquer mixed with the traditional

Dark blue kitchen cabinets
The accent of blue is beautiful with a neutral
Aerin Lauder has a gorgeous dark blue library
Yummy dark blue velvet chairs

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