Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Step Paint Color Mix: Black + Chelsea Square

Greys come in so many different shades, tones, and tints. It is such a beautiful neutral that I use often. In the One Step Paint color choices, there are a few greys offered however, I wanted to create my own for this color mixing project.

One Step Color Mix: Black + Chelsea Square


I love this grey in the kitchen with a blue undertone
This is the showcase bedroom that I did with different uses of our grey finishes
This piece was restored using the Selznick Grey One Step Paint™ 
which is a little bit less blue than the new color mix 
Bedding is a great way to bring out shades of grey
The beautiful floor to ceiling curtains are the same as the wall color
Grey is a great neutral when you have pops of color
Monotone bedroom
This yummy velvet couch becomes the focal point of this family room

Rescue, Restore, Redecorate™


  1. I love reading your Before and After posts. I wondered if you might be able to suggest what I should do with a gilded old stool that I have. It's an old flea-market find with a gilt finish on the legs. Would love to send in a photo and get your opinion because I'm not sure what product to buy. I don't want to just paint over the gold - but, it needs serious help.

  2. Please do send a picture to dana@amyhowardathome.com and she will be able to forward your message to me. Thanks!