Friday, June 20, 2014

Color Palette Inspiration

I love to use the One Step Paint colors to create a beautiful palette that you could use as inspiration for a room or space that you are decorating/painting. For this palette, I used the Toscana Sage, Rugo, and Credenza One Step Paint colors. 

Color Palette:


Nature at the beach especially when you are looking for a calming palette
I love vintage items such as these glasses
Beautiful detail on an old French antique
Work space that has a very subtle blue.
Great mix of textures here with the Acrylic desk.
Simple touch of the blue painted chairs adds to the dining room environment
I love how the room is very neutral here but the couch has a great color pop!
Nice calm bedroom setting
This room looks more open with the addition of the Antique mirror but I love the neutral blue and cream tones that are used.

I hope you are inspired to start your own DIY Project!

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