Monday, June 30, 2014

One Step Paint Colors: Greens and Yellow

Color palette inspiration is huge when working on a project whether it is a painting, room, piece of furniture... I have put together inspiration with using the One Step paint colors: Dunavant Green, Cherbourg, and the Mollie Yellow.

One Step Paint Color Palette: 

I love the great contrast with the Dark Green walls with the lighter green chair and light lamp shade.
The touch of green here really adds to the neutral floral arrangement
Gardens are so inspiring and I love this look
The mix of tones
For a children's room or guest bedroom, I like the use of color on the headboard
The antiqued chest green chest adds character
What about adding color to your front door
Interesting composition of color occurring in nature
The dark green cabinets with the light floor
I love floor to ceiling curtains especially when they are in the same palette at the wall color

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  1. Just serendipitously found your site on Facebook! Love love love your style, colors, craft!!