Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trip to Chicago: A Study of Textures

I wanted to share with you a study of textures from my recent trip to Chicago. Gene and I were able to visit a few antique stores where I found inspiration that I wanted to show you.
Silver gilt frame on this limed reclaimed elm wood was amazing
Texture study
These doors are a great inspiration:
You could use Noir Toscana over stain , 
wear it off with the Antiquing Glaze to have just about 15-20% of the paint left
Just a suggestion of where the paint would have been. 
Great composition and oval eye track. 
Gilt detail
Negoro Nuri finish
Antique zinc door surround
18th century Trumeau with gilding
Oriental lacquer finishes
To protect the wood finish they were wrapped with linen. Then sap was mixed to create a paint that was used over the linen. It would later crack and show the multiple layers of color. 
I love the depth of the finish from hundreds of years of paint layers
A view of the entire console
Here is a 18th century urn. 
The pair was approximately $4000.00 
I was do drawn to them. The pink under layer and then red and black. 
Such a great finish to replicate one step and Toscana over it. 
The other Urn
I love how the 3 layers of color compliment the pink hydrangeas.
I hope this close up inspires you to recreate this finish
Here is a 17th century Chinese statue.
I loved the multiple colors of wear. 
What an amazing patina!! 
See the combination of blue, dark green and light green. 
The wear is subtle and each layer allows for just 20-25% to show through. 
Love the blue and green together
I love statutes and concrete garden pieces. 
They have amazing color combinations that look great in today's interiors. 
Using pale Grays, creamy white and black in Toscana paints, 
and Legno Gesso allows you to recreate this finish!!

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