Monday, June 2, 2014

How To: Toscana Powder Paint over One Step

I love to share different ways in which you can use the Amy Howard At Home products. For this process, I used the Noir Toscana Powder paint, Paige Blue One Step paint, Light Wax, Dark Wax, and Dust of the Ages.
Materials Needed:
-Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint
-Amy Howard At Home Toscana Powder Paint
-Amy Howard At Home Antiquing Glaze
-Amy Howard At Home Light Wax
-Amy Howard At Home Dark Wax
-Amy Howard At Home Dust of the Ages
-China bristle brushes
-Artist paint brush
-T-shirt rags
-Styrofoam bowls

How To Instructions:
1. Begin with your raw piece.
2. Paint on the Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint of your choice. Paint on for complete coverage and wait to dry. 
3. Pour your Toscana Powder Paint into a bowl and mix with water.
4. Paint with your artist paint brush the Toscana Powder paint over the dried One Step paint.
5. Let your Toscana paint dry.
6. Dip your sponge into the Antiquing Glaze.
7. Sponge and glaze to remove areas of the Toscana.
8. Let the glaze dry completely.
9. Add Light Wax with your china bristle brush.
10. Repeat Step 9 with your Dark Wax.
11. Once the wax has dried and has a lightly tacky surface, add the Dust of the Ages.
12. Using a t-shirt rag, buff the Dust of Ages.
13. Finally you have your beautiful Toscana Noir over One Step paint Finish!

Process Photos:
Raw piece 
Paige Blue One Step Paint 
Pour your Toscana Powder paint into a bowl
Mix part water to part Toscana Powder Paint
Mix up your Toscana Powder Paint
Be sure to off load your paint brush before directly painting onto the surface
Paint directly over the dry One Step Paint
Let your Toscana Powder Paint dry
This is what the Toscana Powder Paint should look like once dried
Dip your sponge into the Antiquing Glaze
Using the sponge and Glaze, remove areas of Toscana
This is after you have used the Antiquing Glaze
Be sure to let it dry.
We used a hair dryer to speed up the process.
Add Light Wax
Followed by your Dark Wax
This is after both waxes have been applied
Add your Dust of Ages
Buff with a t-shirt rag after adding your Dust of the Ages
Finally, you have your Finished Toscana Powder Noir over Paige Blue One Step Paint finish!

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